Another night with no sleep fell on my head. It has been a particularly troubling problem for me since I'm also sick.

Due to my ridiculously late registration at school this semester I have eleven hour days on campus a couple of days a week. Normally I kind of like this because between the library which is filled with all the university press books that I can't afford and the computer labs where the DSL connections actually seem high speed I can kill a few hours. But never sleeping is starting to freak me out. I have four midterm exams today. Ouch.

Finally got around to noding Cornel West which I'd avoided for awhile. Sometimes it's really difficult for me to write about people that I am almost in awe of. I wait for someone else to do it and it never happens. I'm really glad that bell hooks has already been written up because the idea of trying to encapsulate her in a couple hundred words just about gives me the cold sweats.

My neighbors have installed a couple of 7'+ metal sculptures in the front yard. Every time I go out for a smoke they scare the bejesus out of me all over again.

Oh shit. I have my interview for acceptance into the African-American Studies program. Nothing like being the sleep deprived white kid trying to get into a progam with limited resources as it is. Yow. Wish me luck. It's this or no minor at all...