I am having a string of early mornings where some unfortunate set of circumstances or another forces me out of the sack pre-dawn. Today it was an incredibly loud TV from next door. I figure this is just karma. While I was living in San Francisco my roommates and I had a falling out with the occupants of several apartments in our building. As part of the process of gentrification our building (which I'd lived in for six years) began to fill up with uptight yuppies who were intolerant of noise (as in walking across your apartment later than midnight) to say the least. My house decided to go from being "those pesky meddling kids" to full scale war with our new neighbors.

Here's where the karma comes from: One of the nightly rituals at my house was watching the local news and adding our own would-be witty commentary. After a conflict between those talking to the television and those listening to the television we discovered that the volume control topped out at 64. This seemed like a totally arbitrary number to us so we embarked on an experiment to see just how much TV we could take at volume level 64. We watched entire movies and episodes of Melrose Place with the volume all the way up. It became the standard response to anything particularly annoying or stupid on TV to immediately crank the volume up all the way. "Turning it up to 64" became the household philosophy. Our neighbors were not pleased. Oh, I should probably mention that this particular television set was probably the loudest that I have ever heard. I'm only guessing though since before discovering the mythical 64 I hadn't ever bothered to test the furthest reaches of TV volume. I am pretty sure that the TV on the other side of the wall from me this morning went up to at least 79. So, I started the day early with a strange mixture of nostalgia and homicidal anger.

I had a weird dream last night about being tortured to death by marines who were being commanded by the assistant manager of my old workplace. The only thing that is odd about this is that the assistant manager in question is this old metal dude who sang for some glam metal band before beginning his career as a corporate type. He has a Krokus patch on the back of his denim jacket. Whew. I was going to make that into a dream log entry but having to potentially analyze is too frightening right now.

The only exciting thing about school today is that it will be my first Political Science class since the non-election. I'm pretty interested in what the discussion will be like. The political affiliations of folks in that class are pretty diverse so I'm curious what the Bush supporters will say. The cool part is that the class starts right around the time that they're projecting the results of the recount.