This is my first day back in a long while due to many complicated circumstances most of which I will not even attempt to explain.

Anyone have a pancreas that they don't need? Mine is about ready to die. I am officially on the organ donor waiting list so that I might live to see thirty. My doctor (the general hospital is what I'm stuck with for the moment) told me that my test results are pretty negative and chances are that I'm a candidate for regular dialysis this coming year. Hooray for diabetes and for having major organs fail when you're 28. I haven't really left my house much for the last couple of days. It wasn't exactly the news that I was hoping for. On a strangely positive note, I am in the running for a free insulin pump which works sort of as an artificial pancreas. It's a pretty simple machine but I'm vaguely enthusiastic about my initiation into the cyborg legion.

It's voting day. I will go to the church near my house and poke random holes into a ballot. I do not vote for any candidates - just ballot measures. At very least, most measures are in quantifiable terms and recorded in real live printed matter. I will most likely poke the hole that says "Ralph Nader."

Another night without sleep. I am more worried now than I think I have ever been in my life. Internal failure. How fucked up is that? If someone had told me five years ago that I would be on a list for an organ donor I would have laughed myself silly. BTW, if you've never considered filling out that card at the DMV (or whatever the process is in your state or country) think about me when the opportunity presents itself. I have a lot more freaking out to do.

A Request for Consistency
Just a little request: If you're going to downvote factual nodes please add the missing information in your own write up. It's a little pointless to just diss a write up that someone did a little research for without improving on it. I don't give a shit about msging the author or whatever. Contribute to the database!