Another morning of jaded academic bliss. I miss having the DSL connection at home. I'm realizing now how difficult it is to concentrate in a computer lab full of students talking on cell phones whilst browsing the AOL webpage. I've heard that the internet is broken a couple of times in the last fifteen minutes and some lame ass professor tell the techs that all of the [computers are broken because his Word file won't open. I tried not to eavesdrop (partially because it's just too painful to listen to these sorts of conversation) but it turns out that the floppy he had was from like 1989 and was his thesis in Wordperfect. Yes, I will do research and archive and I will be happy.

Halloween was boring because I am boring. I realized when going out to eat last night that "casual" holidays are the very worst time to eat at a restaurant because no one working there cares. Why?

  1. It's a holiday that is more geared towards parties that involve friends and beer as opposed to relatives and fruitcake. Being stuck at a sucky job waiting tables on a beer and friends holiday is even suckier suck.
  2. Major holidays bring crowds in that tip well. "Casual" holidays don't mean anything to restaurant staff except a higher than normal ratio of drunken idiots who think they're funny and do not tip well.

    I found out from our server that employees of that restaurant were required to come to work in costume. Boy, oh, boy, nothing like a little mandatory wackiness to lighten up the workplace. All I could think of was the restaurant in Office Space.

So, I went back home and had to deal with snotty little beggars pounding on my door despite the fact that The fucking candy is mine! Get thee away from my doorstep lest I call the truancy officer!] and, of course, my porch light was off. The little cretins must have smelled my fear because they just kept pounding away on the door. I think that society may be building a race of super-telemarketers and canvassers. I finally just told them to go away through the door. I am getting old.