Wow. It really has been a long time since I've written one of these. I was thinking that it had been a couple of weeks but after doing a user search on myself - it's actually been more like a month. Time flies when you're going to school full-time, working almost full-time, playing music a couple of nights a week, and helping your girlfriend grade her freshman essays. At very least that sounds hyper-productive even if is mostly accounted for by habit.

Work has been the same old crap really. There is not that much excitement to be had (outside the inevitable confrontations with street crazies and whatnot) in the espresso pimping world. I get my ass kicked every day and somehow keep going back. Maybe it's all the espresso shots.

School has reached a fever pitch of tedium as it seems to at this point in the semester. I realized that I have four exams on the same day and two papers due the same week. Is this something that I'm paying for? Jesus.

The righteous fury of the rich white folks has arisen again. Another kid who can't deal shot up his school. Colorado will probably declare martial law. I'm considering the purchase of a Ken doll wig and a cheap suit to fool the lynch mobs for a little while.

I guess I don't really care about anything else.