A Linux company started by Joseph Cheek who incidentally worked for both Linuxcare and Microsoft in the past. The distribution was widely rumored to be vaporware for a long time but is currently available both for download and in a box. It's a very pretty distribution with a focus on taking the scary factor out of Linux. The default install looks very much like Windows XP even down to the Teletubbies-like background and the style of the icons. Even the structure of the desktop is very similar to the Windows paradigm with a Network Browser replacing the more familiar Network Neighborhood icon. The environment itself is KDE which lends itself well to building a very Windows-like desktop.

Even the company's web site looks a lot like the Microsoft site. There was quite a bit of speculation about potential lawsuits because the initial name for the distribution was Redmond Linux. The name change eliminated the most obvious suit fodder especially given the heat that Lindows got.

Most folks in the open source/geek community have been very critical of Lycoris for any number of reasons. Some people feel that turning Linux into a virtual Windows is a bad idea while others have been turned off by the degree of hand holding involved in the installation of this distribution. Opinions aside the first release is pretty buggy and more difficult to install than the press releases hinted at.