If I keep having these goddamn dreams about horrible things whizzing inches in front of my face I'm going to get sued by Hunter S. Thompson for copyright infringement.

I've been having too many of those "startle you awake" dreams that usually involve falling or something like that. I think the killer bats are just an extension of that.

I had another about salting a coke machine which I haven't done for at least five years. If you're not familiar, back in the day squirting a large quantity of salt water into the dollar slot would often make it empty it's contents. Yes, I was dumb and yes, it did totally destroy the machine. This dream also startled me awake because the noise was so real. Salting coke machines is also very noisy. The machine goes crazy and empties itself out in a matter of minutes. The weird thing is that when I woke up my ears were ringing.