I actually fell asleep for a couple of hours and had one of the best and most impressive (in the special effects department) in something like five years. It was nice because it was a welcome respite from the horrible nightmares that I've been having about an old girlfriend of my father's who molested me when I was six. I finally got him (my dad) to admit that it happened about a year ago (which coincidentally is the last time we spoke.) What really sucks about it is that I'm 28 now and I've been plagued by bad dreams about it ever since it happened although I don't really have a conscious memory of what happened. It was kind of a typical scenario - sadistic psycho beats kid until he pees his pants, does a few things that I don't really wanna talk about, and then locks him in the closet for like ten hours. I'm not surprised that I don't remember much of it actively.

Anyhow, now that I've spilled my guts and probably told you more than you really want to know...the point to all of that gruesome detail (which I've considered deleting like ten times while I typed it) is that a sweet dream is a rare thing for me.

In this dream I was with my girlfriend at Montauk Point in New York. That particular place is like the furthest point out that you can get on land. We were sitting there watching the ocean when it just stopped. It froze with no motion and no sound. It was unbelievably beautiful and vivid. It just made us laugh for some reason and it was the kind of really long laugh that doesn't send you into spasms or make your stomach ache. It was just a laugh of astonishment.

When I woke up it felt like I'd had a full eight hours of sleep. It's weird because several hours later I'm still trying to shake off the haze of it - expecting that something utterly surreal yet incredibly beautiful is going to pop out at me. Sigh.