I am stumbling through the day after an unintentional bender last night. I went out for the proverbial "couple of beers" and ended up closing the bar and staggering home a bunch of hours later that I'd intended to. I always hate myself on days like these. The thick and grimy haze of my detoxing brain refuses to recede and the lighting in this computer lab is fucking with me like nothing else.

The moral of this story is not to drink whiskey. Or maybe it's "don't drink whiskey when you have to get up in the morning." I don't like any of those. Maybe the real lesson learned here is that there is no such thing as a free shot especially when they are approaching the double digit mark. Yes, I am nearly thirty years old. Go figure.

I was planning on leaving town for this weekend but an old friend is going to be in from the bay area. Hopefully we'll be able to do some catching up at the skate park because bars are not on my "to do list" for this weekend. Skating some bowls and hurting myself the good old fashioned impact with concrete at high speed way seems a whole lot healthier. It's going to be a little strange because the friend who is visiting is actually an ex-roommate and one time fellow band member. Our friendship turned into a big pile of caca once we lived under the same roof. I'm a little weird about living around people who fall asleep in front of the television every night especially when they complain about having nothing to do in Denver. Anyhow, after a couple years of not really talking to each other, we started emailing back and forth. It's weird to make the full circle from being close friends with someone, getting fed up with them, and then becoming friends again. Maybe we'll piss each other off this weekend and the holistic cycle can morph into a vicious circle. I think girlfriends work as an odd buffer for weird situations, though. Hopefully having both significant others around will make things easier.