Oh god. The week really isn't over yet. I was very excited to hear that my English class was cancelled tomorrow but very unexcited to find out that I still have to waste a lot of time running around campus doing tech support. This ordinarily wouldn't be so bad but I am the Apple support person. I made the mistake of mentioning my exp with the dreaded little buggers and now I am in hell. My job consists of double clicking a lot of icons. In a year or so this will be funny. I swear it will.

Yoon and I rarely see each other. She started teaching AP classes as well as the usual freshman gut English classes. The workload is insane and the agony of reading high school level writing is painful at best.

I've been chilling out in an empty computer lab for the past six hours marvelling at the crazy fact that I'm actually getting paid to sit here. Literally. I do nothing. I sleep. I drink coffee. I load paper into the printers when I start. That is my work day today. I've actually done some noding today.

On the other side of that dreaded Mac support coin, I do have a brand spanking new G4 all to myself. I hadn't played with a Mac since I worked for [Kinko's} and I was really impressed at how fast Photoshop zipped through filters even in CMYK. I don't do design work these days so I've had little need for the single button mouse over the past few years. It is nice to know that at least something about Macs has evolved.

Now it is time to go hook up with some of the folks that I play music with and choke down a couple of well deserved beers.