Good god! I haven't noded a damn thing since April. No school this summer and no convenient access to an internet connected box left me outside of the loop for too long. This summer was crazy to say the very least. Not in the social sense - like "We mad partied every night, bro" - but in the "oh dear, this turn of events is very alarming sort.

A couple of months back my upstairs neighbor was murdered in his sleep while the remainder of the tenant blissfully snored through the whole thing. He was a drug dealer. That should blunt the shock of homicide detectives banging on my door at an ungodly hour of the morning but it really didn't. As much as I wanted to hate the guy for being the token thug of the building, he was actually a pretty cool guy. So, to make what could easily be an overly long and melodramatic story somewhat short, I was a murder suspect for a couple of weeks this summer. Maybe I'll do a separate wu for the detailed story since parts of it (that came out later, of course) are disturbing and gave me a little bit of insight into the regard that the Denver police department has for people who are associated with drug culture.

I started skateboarding again after a ten year retirement into the relative obscurity of multiple injuries and chronic pain. After attending a bachelor party at the Vans Skatepark in D.C. I was hooked all over again. It's a completely different animal without the pressure of contests and sponsors and little kids screaming about stickers. Coincidentally, Denver just opened the largest public skatepark in the United States this summer. It is amazing but still very crowded with junior high school kids and their overprotective parents (meaning when I yell because some little anklebiter loses his skateboard into the pool I'm skating his dad comes over and starts threatening litigation.) It is free, though, so it's difficult to complain about such minor things.

This is the part where I swear that I'm going to node more and actually follow through. My new work study position is in a computer lab on the very furthest side of campus in the aerospace building. I've been here for three hours and only one student has come in. There is time, lots of time.

Thank you to everyone from up in here that dropped me some mail over the summer. I appreciate it.