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After stumbling around Vancouver for a few years after High School, I decided to give conventional education another shot at Dalhousie in Halifax.
Fortunately, I found a subject I enjoyed, Russian. In the third year of the course we were given the opportunity to study in either Moscow or St. Petersburg, I chose both.
I spent 2 months in Moscow, then 3 in Petersburg, at which point we were supposed to make our way back to Canada.
After traveling extensively through Russia for 1 month, I went out to Western Europe for a couple of weeks.
In Amsterdam, I threw away my ticket back to Canada. Then, after getting a visa to return to Russia, I made my way back. Spent a couple more months in Petersburg, then got on a train for Mongolia.
I spent 6 freezing, Winter months in Mongolia, then, while it was still snowing, I caught a plane bound for Taiwan via Beijing, and Hong Kong.
The last 7 years have all been in Taiwan, doing whatever kind of work was available from English instruction to secretary to drunken associate to technical writer for computer software.