I am an employee at a playroom in a movie theater. This leaves me with children for about three hour periods of time. Long enough that any annoying kid will be gone in a little while. Some parents are very helpful about giving us information about their child. Some children cry as soon as their parents leave, and don't stop until we page the parents to come back. Some children act out and try anything and everything to get their parents to come back. I spent twenty minutes with a five year old one day, trying to get him to nod if he wanted popcorn. I saw no reason that he wouldn't, but after twenty minutes of him trying to grab my popcorn and being non responsive to anything I said I gave him popcorn. At that point he picked it up piece by piece and handed it to me then opened his mouth expectantly. The next time he came was with his grandmother, and she told me that he doesn't speak. We take children with special needs, that is no big deal, but it is important to know. He generally wanders around aimlessly, and just explores things, or watches the Nintendo, but doesn't cause any problems. Yesterday he said hi to me, which is working on learning how to say, it sounds like a hoarse whisper. I love working with children, especially ones with difficulties and special needs, but I will never understand why parents don't mention such things. We have posted that we will accept special needs children, and we don't turn children away, unless it is a busy day and the parents think the child will get overwhelmed, in which case we suggest coming back on a weekday when its not as busy.