A spinoff of the American Where's George Currency Tracker, Where's Willy www.whereswilly.com allows users to track Canadian bank notes as they travel across Canada.

The website is free for everyone's use, whether they're registered users or not. Registering allows users a multitude of options, including but not limited to e-mail notification of future hits, a personalized profile, access to provincial rankings, and summarized accounts of bills entered/hit.

If you recieve a bill with the Where's Willy URL written on it, or if you want to enter a new bill into the database, just enter the denomination, the year of issue, the serial number, and your local postal code. You should also enter a brief user note about the bill, indicating it's condition, where you found it, or anything else interesting about the bill.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not against the law to write messages on Canadian currency. It is a legal, fun, and extremely addictive hobby.

Willy in fact refers to Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the Canadian Prime Minister who's face graces the Canadian five dollar bill.