Bass player for The Smashing Pumpkins; born May 1st, 1968. Originally from Michigan, D'arcy was flying to an unknown location and had a stopover at Chicago's O'hare Airport. She never reboarded her flight and stayed in Chicago (must have been the apostrophe in the airport's name). In 1988, she met head Pumpkin Billy Corgan outside a club where she's rumored to have called him a "pretentious asshole"; after a short trip to Germany she joined the band. She had no training or experience on bass, but Billy liked her attitude (it's also rumored that Billy played most of the bass and guitar parts on Gish and Siamese Dream anyways). Around 1994 she and Pumpkins guitarist James Iha started their own record label, Scratchie Records, at one time home to Luscious Jackson and Chainsaw Kittens. She also married Catherine drummer Kerry Brown. In late 1999, police found her on the West Side of Chicago allegedly in possesion of crack cocaine. In 2000 The Smashing Pumpkins released their last album featuring D'arcy on bass, Machina: The Machines Of God. Their subsequent (and final) tour featured former Hole bassist Melissa Auf Der Mar in place of D'arcy.

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