"The easy path to publication is paid with your dollars"


Fifty books per year, at approximately 600 pages each. Multiply that by the amount of poems/poets per page, 6. Multiply that by the price per book, $50 US. It seems there's a lot of money to be made off of the unwary. The International Library of Poetry (aka. Poetry.com, aka. International Society of Poets, aka. International Poetry Hall of Fame, aka. Watermark Press) makes literal millions each year off of unsuspecting dupes. I entered, too. I was a semi-finalist, too. They wanted to put my poetry on cd/cassette. And if I wanted to see my work in writing? Well then, I'd just have to pay just like everyone else.

Check out http://wind.wind.org/literary.scams.htm, a page dedicated to the scams such as the ILP.