Ein, zwei, drei, alle!


  • me - just an average joe.
  • her - my girlfriend.
  • josh - some real dopey guy i know. yeah, he's my friend.
  • ishmael - layabout 1. i think he's mildy retarded.
  • matt - layabout 2. i think he might've secretly been a hitman. if he was, ishmael knew and always joked about it with
  • cashier lady - i don't know. she was kinda old. i don't think she spoke english.
  • jello biafra - he was also a cashier(!).


a store. sorta like one of the ones around here, like the liquor store that sells clothes and prayer candles and you can't tell if the guy behind the counter is staring at you because he wants your number or he thinks you're some secret operative from the kgb out to shut him down. anyhow, this store had everything. i saw bullet proof vests. i passed a big cardboard box on the counter full of chocolate milk in little caprisun-type packets. i think it sold guns. whatever.

ishmael was behind the counter when i walked in, he had a vacant expression on his face, and he just sorta looked at me. matt was in the back of the store, in the stockroom. the counter lady was behind one counter, that was along one wall. she was haggling with some customer. some old mexican dude was trying on a bulletproof vest. he looked like the toothless dude from desperado. i walked over to the other counter, where jello was haggling with some old lady. seems that she wanted to buy this thing that was $9000 but she couldn't pay for it with both credit card and cash. i dunno. eventually they came to an agreement and he signed his name on some piece of paperwork.

supernatural whooshing amnesia effect. fade to black.
fade back in on jello sitting behind the counter, going
over some paperwork. ishmael is sitting on a metal folding
chair about 3-4 feet away from jello. matt is drinking
something, i think it's orange juice. i'm on the counter,
half laying down, half leaning against a cabinet that's
suddenly on the counter.

ishmael and matt are talking about something, as matt walks over. jello looks through paperwork. i remember thinking heh. jello protests against government and preaches iconoclasty, and yet here he is signing his name to paperwork. all that aside, it's pretty groovy, we seem to be chatting. i remember singing as we sleep under my breath, and ishmael was kinda grooving to that. (i remember thinking something about children and crazy people and the mentally handicapped being tools of god and music. crazy shit.) jello was chattering idly with the others i guess, still going through paperwork. i guess i was talking, too. but i don't remember what we were talking about. at one point, ishmael mentioned something about some situation being fucked up. i replied that yeah, i had seen a lot of fucked up shit in my life. jello looked at me and said "no big deal" wow. it's that simple. heh. and thusly i was illuminated. there wasn't much else to this dream, i remember earlier that my girlfriend had a bit part in it, she was running around freaking out about a missing celtic knotwork ring. josh was there. he was sleeping. heh.