(again with missing the erisian time, pealco)
:: Pungenday, day 72 of Confusion, YOLD: 3166 (survival)

today.. hrm.. well today sort of ran into yesterday when yesterday was today and then all of a sudden it was tomorrow.

so i took a shower, ate my golden grahams and logged on to e2, skinz.org, and i started up madtracker. shortly thereafter, when netscape crashed for the third time, i realized why, and quit loading pages in seperate windows at the same time, then decided i shouldn't run madtracker while my memory was being raped by communicator.

my girlfriend is off playing Rifts and i'm here fucking with litestep and madtracker, which isn't all that bad because i need to make a demo for interplay and i was kicking ass earlier. i don't know if i'll succeed, but hell, i'll give it a shot.

i also listened to alot of klf and wumpscut today. i don't know why.
oh, and i know a cat that sounds like a pigeon.