One small warning: "Catch me if you can!" and she runs
into the jungle rushing alive like war drums
with apples in her cheeks and roses in her grin
now drops to her knees in the tall grass begging,
begging the question, begging that I ask the right questions
"will you find me?"

It's no wonder she whispers,
considering all who've surrendered
left her to lie alone
in the tall grass to shiver            in
victory, a sleepless toss and turn
on a time bomb, a hopscotch mind
dolled up relentless and suffering
in a cage unstable drifting unable
to show or see the power of her song

But if I do find her,
I'll find her smiling
extending her limp wrist and fingers and words:
"Kiss me on the eyelids,"
so she can still have a place to hide



Tails (About Someone Else)


Once she told me to                                                           
                                                            embrace vulnerability                                                           
                                                            and I will find a kindness

                                                            But what about when one person's
                                                            vulnerability is directed towards
another's as two lines jousting

                                                            I think she said the same thing better                                                           
                                                           when she said "if you live like a wound,                                                          
                                                            split wide open,                                                          
                                                            the only thing written in stone                                                           
                                                            is an epitaph.

                                                            She did not say
                                                            that "you will find a kindness
                                                           in living this way" because
she would have been wrong.
Kindness, kindness is the finder.
The time we have left is the keeper.

Will I ever learn         
how to hunt
for you?