A smile, it Eureka!
But it not a shout!!
Ambition you can remember, can
explain to us in our own language.

Stop now your reading it's time to write.
You have advantage.
Perspiring Garden of Eden through our forearms.
Put your ear to the ground listen for the aftershocks
you will understand.
She was worth the trouble all this time.

She is all of the world that comes from the ground.
All except the explanation.
This where you come in.
Just skin and bones but sufficient.
Has earned your services.
She's a blank score of music paused like a hiccough waiting for your chisel of composition,
Rise! Rise, for shame!!
Life is no dress rehearsal, go sheath her to you like a promise.
Destroy this deformity of a town together
and call yourselves the ground.

It your one job do it well fool.

I blame this poem on etouffee. Sincere thanks.