a button is too weak to hold and to last
you'll have to do better than that

don't hold it against me for squirming
out of tight warmth to find grace

if you're the one who finds my corpse,
then you may hold me in a frozen moment

but don't waste me with the burdens of buttons,
I am infancy, loveflesh, I want to climb jet trails,

to drop into a well-awaited ocean,
I want to fix this "me" person but the noise you're making

confuses me, witness - you make it easy for me
to make you wait so unbecomingly for my surrender

to keep fighting my way out of this weak and unprotected lock
until I've broken it, or until someone else breaks in

to find me, to pick me up and to inspect me
and to leave the cage just like the rest, with or without me