at universe’s door
behind is one balloon
convinced and following
abandoning the sun
now finally faces
the mystery of black

the myth of true black
a window not a door
the billion blue faces
of one blue balloon
floating to the sun
forever forced to following

the sun is not following
questions of the black
for why would the sun
ask questions of the door
who would take the sun’s balloon
from its garish yellow faces

its blind and binding faces
fire sinks to grey following
betrayal of balloon
the exodus to black
when balloon opens the door
behind he finds the sun

blushing black sun
billion melted faces
one face behind the door
one balloon was following
the solar flares are black
beckon one balloon

static non-balloon
in the zenith of the sun
breathing in the black
its back against the faces
the black will soon be following
to close the only door

one black balloon faces
one black sun following
one black door

February, 2014