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"Editor logs are for you, as daylogs are for everyone. Ed logs should have something to do with editorial decisions, policy or musings. Do as thou wilt." --[dem bones], in a message to the admin.

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Editor logs contain musings by the administration, as well as a record of various actions they've taken. Below contains further description of both of these, and changes to the database that affected Editor Logs. There is also a summary of Significant Editor Logs for easy access.

Editor Logs past and present

In the old days of Everything2, Editor Logs were the only place the public could find out what writeup was '[E2 Glossary|nuked]', who did it, and why. Now, writers are informed by message what is removed, [Node Row] shows what is currently being [E2 FAQ: Marked for Destruction|axed] and [Node Heaven] lets noders review the history of what they've had nuked.(NOTE: as of mid 2011, with the introduction of [Drafts], MFD, Node Heaven and 'nuked' are bygone terms; write-ups are instead 'unpublished' and reverted into draft status.) Editor logs are the main public record of communication between Admins and users/guests.

Presently, there are two types of Editor Logs: 'Paper trail' logs, and expositional logs.

Editor Logs have had no established policy about what to log or even if to log. There is no agreed or established protocol about what to put in a log. Just as with Daylogs, anything seems to go: ruminations on noding, an explanation of a content situation which admins have discussed that users might be interested in, and lists of writeups and nodes some editors have nuked, altered, chinged and cooled.

With the advent of Klaproth, there wasn't a need to log minor Editor actions in the Ed Logs. However, there is a strong feeling by some in the Administration to demonstrate their monthly actions by logging them. This gives a sense of accountability, and paired with the more expositional logs also helps to give a sense of what the administration wants to keep or throw out in this database.

Editors are always accountable upwards. Gods can see who nuked what. One member of the administration regularly checks Klaproth's messages.(Edit: [Klaproth] has been retired, see [Writeup Deletion] for current protocol.). Noders can at any time ask gods about nuked nodes, even if Klaproth's the nuke message was anonymous. Gods can and do investigate the reasons behind a nuke, if a noder has a complaint or a question about it.

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Index of Editor logs, in reverse date order

Below is a brief summary of many Editor Logs. I have only listed those that contain information that might be of general use to users of Everything2. The Editor Log can be accessed via the month's hardlink. In the summary, each sentence refers to a seperate editor's log.


[Editor Log: October 2012|October] - wertperch praises jaybonci for his hard work, and encourages more writing, better feedback, encouragement of newbies and publicity.


[Editor Log: November 2011|November] - [Jet-Poop], addressing an empty room, wonders how people can help with the perpetual and worsening server problems.

[Editor Log: October 2011|October] - [The Debutante] reviews feedback requested in [Editor Log: August 2011[by The Debutante]|August] about catbox etiquette and chanops responsibilities, while also detailing their tools and guidelines; tl,dl: [EDB] LIVES!

[Editor Log: September 2011|September] - [Auspice[user]|The god formerly known as the Content Editor cassparadox] pontificates on why she, and possibly you, visit this site. [alex|███] takes the time to grace us with his monthyearly decree of what may or may not be happening with management of e2: an ongoing leveling up of functions for Content Editors which will replace 'gods' eventually, some sort of new 'core' management, and new recruits comprised of people who buy him beer.

[Editor Log: August 2011|August] - [Aerobe[user]] proposes a way to reach new users, as well as inviting you to help new users by rewriting E2's help docs. [The Debutante] explains that as [e2contact] were completely pointless, the group was disbanded; she invites discussion in the daylogs about appropriate monitoring of the catbox.

[Editor Log: February 2011|February] - [tentative[user]] discusses the increase of poetry being contributed, reiterates the importance of giving feedback to both you and others, as well as giving suggestions for explaining your downvote. [cassparadox] crunches the numbers of contributions to quests recently and reveals the secret recipe: "E2 NEEDS MORE QUESTS".


[Editor Log: December 2010|December] - [tentative[user]] boldly shares their editorial philosophy with you, which includes "There is never enough feedback".

[Editor Log: November 2010|November] - [RedOmega[user]] lists all of last month's 'minifestos' in one place, as well as telling us of more discussions by the Content Editors. [Aerobe[user]] starts the voting on a new tagline and blurbs for the site's front page. [cassparadox[user]] shares their editorial philosophy with you (again). [alex[user]|███] denies accusations that admin listen into messages you send to other users, and asks that you trust him on that.

[Editor Log: October 2010|October] - [Aerobe] invites suggestions to change E2's Welcome message. [RedOmega] shares the topics of recent discussions by Content Editors. [alex|███] discusses: a perceived [gender gap] among admin, if a hostile environment exists on e2, that anyone can start a [Everything2 Quests and Contests|quest], and why he is shutting down the [Everything2 Mentor System|mentoring system] and requiring admin to node at least once this year.

[Editor Log: September 2010|September] - [RedOmega] thinks E2 should be more communicative, so writes about [You're WRONG and you're a GROTESQUELY UGLY FREAK|personal attacks], nuking policy, and reasons why the site isn't very active.[alex|███] says E2 will not stand for threats, stalking, or harassment, whether online or spilling into 'real life'; he also notes that reposted nuked writeups will most likely be nuked again.

[Editor Log: August 2010|August] - [alex|███] clarifies that E2 does not financially benefit from grant money earmarked to study site behaviour and chides two of the contributors who have recently left.

[Editor Log: June 2010|June] - [cassparadox] sums up their editorial philosophy and encourages all of us to give feedback on writeups.

[Editor Log: April 2010|April] - [The Debutante] says [BrevityQuest2010|write!]

[Editor Log: February 2010|February] - [alex|███] expresses reservations about public access to the offsite archives of the [Chatterbox|catbox] and retracts the silly demand that-- although he is the current webmaster and 'voice' of this website-- all his comments in the archives be [redacted|████████].

[Editor Log: January 2010|January] - [alex] belatedly introduces the new filter for hiding very low reputation writeups, reveals [the Registries] feature, and clarifies very specificly and in small simple words that when you're not cool, e2 would not like you or your writing to be here.


[Editor Log: November 2009|November] - [iceowl], reflecting on the last decade of E2, notes that 'E2 has been one of the greatest gifts to me as a writer.'

[Editor Log: October 2009|October] - [alex] admits that nodermeets are a good way to hobnob with the common people.

[Editor Log: September 2009|September] - [alex] takes notice of all the excitement leading up to the tenth anniversary of e2's creation.

[Editor Log: August 2009|August] - [The Debutante] addresses the question '[Are personal messages protected by copyright?]' and reminds us to 'know our audience' and to be polite.

[Editor Log: July 2009|July] - [alex] gives us details about the great server meltdown of '09. [Oolong] ruminates on poetry and spoilers in reviews.

[Editor Log: June 2009|June] - [The Debutante] would neither upvote nor downvote the new ability to change a vote on a writeup. [RedOmega] is reluctant to share their philosophy with us.

[Editor Log: May 2009|May] - [alex] invites you to write the editors a letter; he describes potential new candidates for [E2 Staff] as those who '[bear left|sit right]' with him. [The Debutante] introduces us to [Everything2 User Relations: e2contact and chanops|the e2contact and hall monitors organisation].

[Editor Log: April 2009|April] - [alex] doesn't mourn the loss of [donfreenut|that girl]'s [Butterfinger McFlurry|pile of kittens] and uses a large amount of words defending why.

[Editor Log: March 2009|March] - [alex] explains what E2's coders do.


[Editor Log: February 2009|February] - [alex] gets all introspective on the true spirit of [node for teh ages|noding for the ages].


[Editor Log: December 2008|December] - [alex] was pleased [THE IRON NODER CHALLENGE|many faced up to the challenge]; reiterates that negative rep writeups don't necessarily mean deletion; explains 'node insurance'; and advises that if you are vexed by something to /msg him or the staff instead of using the catbox.

[Editor Log: November 2008|November] - [jack|the Editor in-Chief formerly known as Pint] comes to the realisation that his role is now redundant, so he [quits|falls on his sword]. [alex] closes the door firmly behind [jack]; oversees implementation of the [The Everything2 Voting/Experience System|something] that noders were recruited for in [Editor Log: January 2008|January], while being a little surpised that after nine months of notice people still weren't aware the something would happen; and is thankful for all the [your input is needed|input], but now is looking forward to output.

[Editor Log: October 2008|October] - [alex|the god formerly known as Apatrix] (the one who recruited noders for something to do with something a few months back) takes over E2, promises the world. [Oolong] refuses to change his username, and has wrenched [kthejoker]'s Lead Developer Badge of Sweat and Blood from his cold dead hands.

[Editor Log: September 2008|September] - [Bitriot] asks returning and lurking noders to trust us again, points out that new tools make it easier to write here, reminds us we are here to learn, and emphasises that 'the quality and effort of our writing is the only leg we have to stand on.' [wertperch] [Editor Log: February 2004|revisits] the etiquette and difficulties of giving and getting feedback on writeups.

[Editor Log: August 2008|August] - [Apatrix] reminds us of [/ignore], as well as revealing E2's policy regarding [donginger|automata]. In what seems to be a continuing E2 administrative tradition of announcing the possibility of something that will happen, [TheDeadGuy] announces that at some point soon there will be a group of admins called [meeters and greeters|e2Contact], who would support new and existing users by contacting them, as well as punitatively addressing unruly or disturbed chatbox users. [Augustine] clearly describes what they've been up to since becoming a Content Editor three months ago, including what happens when greeting new users and reactions to removing and hiding certain new user writeups.

[Editor Log: July 2008|July] - [Heisenberg] calls for better trolling in the catbox.

[Editor Log: May 2008|May] - [TheDeadGuy] advises more writing as the ultimate solution to [why I love Everything2|what is wrong with e2]. [Apatrix] and the recruited noders who looked at the voting, level and Experience system and came up with a plan have had that plan approved, but they can't tell us what it is yet.

[Editor Log: March 2008|March] - [Apatrix] and some recruited noders have looked at the voting, level and Experience system and have come up with a plan they can't tell us about yet.

[Editor Log: February 2008|February] - [Transitional Man] likes it that people can like his writeups.

[Editor Log: January 2008|January] - [Apatrix] recruited noders to look at the voting, level and Experience system.


[Editor Log: December 2007|December] - [Transitional Man] disguises an introduction to how to enjoy and contribute to E2 as an epistolary greeting. [Jack] also writes a letter-- to a [podcast]-- insisting, yet again, that E2 is not dead.

[Editor Log: November 2007|November] - [Jack] avoids answering questions about the future of e2 by listing a bunch of nodeshells. [borgo] joins in on the diversion by using many of the nodeshells in a story. [kthejoker] proposes a new level system, and as no one protested it, he implemented the system in December. [Lometa] was inspired by [Reactions from Clampe's students|this] to create a survey [November 14, 2007|here], and summarises the responses.

[Editor Log: August 2007|August] - [Jack] reassures us that this will just be a flavourful writers' site soon. [Apatrix] argues that we are a product, that should be new and improved, to bring back [getting to know you|GTKY], that we want more writers and artists here, and that you can't describe mona lisa's smile. [shaogo] is glad to be more involved. [junkill] says CE's are both editors and administrators. [eien_meru] would like more science here.

[Editor Log: July 2007|July] - [borgo] compares [E2 Community Development Newsletter, Summer 2007|recent development ideas] to moths bashing themselves against lights. [Wiccanpiper] records an example day as Editor. [wertperch] mythologises e2's history. [Lord Brawl] discovers that now he doesn't have to write an editor log, he has the time to write one.

[Editor Log: June 2007|June] - [Heisenberg] says a nice thing about [Lord Brawl]. Jack thought people were ignoring [Dream Log]s so figures people won't ignore them if they have their own [nodetype] and are in [day log]s instead.

[Editor Log: May 2007|May] - [Lord Brawl] goes back to being a [plebian]. [Jack] lays down the foundation of what e2 fundamentally is by informing us he grew up in New Jersey.

[Editor Log: April 2007|April] - [Heisenberg] and [Wiccanpiper] think e2 is smelling rosy again. [haze] gives us the lowdown on the FAQ.

[Editor Log: March 2007|March] - [Jack] beats his breast while reiterating his view of editorial policy regarding writeup deletions. [Lord Brawl] goes into much more detail, while describing the process of deleting writeups.

[Editor Log: February 2007|February] - [Lord Brawl] discusses the editors discussing returning old noders new content being dismissed as lame, as well as the possibility of a 'museum of e2', wherein those famous old writeups are stored for posterarity.


[Editor Log: December 2006|December] - [paraclete] overviews linking, and guides you through creating hard links and pipe links, and where you should use one or the other. Site news from [Lord Brawl].

[Editor Log: November 2006|November] - [Excalibre] gives you the ins and outs of how the site works.

[Editor Log: October 2006|October] - [sekicho] gets pedantic about how writeups work.

[Editor Log: September 2006|September] - [rootbeer277] comprehensively overviews the inner workings of writeups. [TheDeadGuy] ponders the site's possible death through stagnation. More site news from [Lord Brawl].

[Editor Log: August 2006|August] - [Lord Brawl] pipes up with more site news.

[Editor Log: July 2006|July] - [jessicapierce] offers insights about the difference between writeups and daylogs. [Lord Brawl] provides a bit of site news.

[Editor Log: June 2006|June] - [jessicapierce] is purging the nodegel of any plagairized works, and has found many a nodeshell for filling in.

[Editor Log: April 2006|April] - [Lord Brawl] decides the time is ripe to nuke [sensei]'s writeups, and also will filter the chatbox to replace the usage of the word 'fuck' with 'huggle'[april fool|.]

[Editor Log: March 2006|March] - [Excalibre] lists many of the Content Editors' powers, and explains the meaning and implications behind 'pulling an asamoth'.

[Editor Log: February 2006|February] - [kthejoker] asks a rhetorical question about if writeups should have [hardlink]s in them, and yet people answer it. [Lord Brawl] asks for input on tweaking [Everything's Best Users|EBU], is slightly bemused at people answering kthejoker's rhetorical question, and [hatequest 2006|hates all of you].

[Editor Log: January 2006|January] - [Apatrix] contributes his Editor bio. [Lord Brawl] answers questions about transcripts, the E2 FAQ, as well as noting some admin changes and pointing to a number of users who have written bios in application for an admin position.


[Editor Log: December 2005|December] - [Lord Brawl] dusts off some Content Editors, and proposes a more active crew, kickstarting it by asking for some Bios. [IWhoSawTheFace] tugs at the lapels of a fleeing noder and gets some interesting results from asking why they are going. [Wiccanpiper] and [pint] contribute their editor bios.

[Editor Log: November 2005|November] - [rootbeer277] breaks out his [top 10] list of common formatting and spelling errors he corrects in user's writeups (coincidentally, other top ten lists appears in the [November 4, 2005|daylog] the same day). [Lord Brawl] throws back the curtains to reveal some the conversations and decisions behind the scenes; this includes the hows and whys of changing a user name, and what happens when a user leaves, asking for all their writeups to be deleted. [smartalix], gets to the gritty and thinks new users fail to READ THE FUCKING MANUAL.

[Editor Log: October 2005|October] - In early september, [dem bones] retired as 'editor in chief'/webmaster, handing the webmaster responsibility to [dann], who handed the Chief Editor responsibility to [Lord Brawl]. Formally announcing his role as 'Editor-in-chief', [Lord Brawl] writes a bit about his experience here; as well as announcing there will be no major changes until the code supports it-- apart from some administration moving about; and he describes some policy and suggestions about what to do when there is a user in serious emotional crises. Also, [Wiccanpiper] gives some feedback on, er, feedback.

[Editor Log: September 2005|September] - [Transitional Man] suggests one way to become a good writer is to read, read some more, and keep reading. [haze] uses '[HOWTOs on everything|HOWTO nodes] as an example in a discussing [Pick titles carefully|On Titling Nodes]. [IWhoSawTheFace] tells you his life story and editorial philosophy: he is your biggest fan, and could hotwire your car.

[Editor Log: August 2005|August] - [Transitional Man] explains his editorial philosophy for deleting writeups.

[Editor Log: July 2005|July] – [JohnnyGoodYear] pats nodes on the head before eviscerating them; also, he has an axe and is not afraid to use it. [Cletus_the_Foetus|the surgeon general] insists [the new e2|eating bran muffins] is actually good for our health

[Editor Log: June 2005|June] – [Wiccanpiper|,][has|,][some|,][issues|,][with|,][commas|,].

[Editor Log: May 2005|May] – Yet another [drunken mumbling|parable] from a [JohnnyGoodYear|prophet] stumbling about the [nodegel|wilderness].

[Editor Log: March 2005|March] – [nothing found|Panamaus isn't having fun, so quits (this appears to be the fastest and highest chinged Ed Log). TheDeadGuy hasn't quit, is still having fun. Jet-poop tries their hand at parables, fails spectacularly.] ([Panamaus] requested that their Log be nuked, which toppled the other two logs.)

[Editor Log: February 2005|February] – [Pint] has 7 points of advice for not so awesome poets noding here; a pause in writing/ e2 is a community/ downvotes are not real. (have your own poetic take on Pint's advice? msg me and i will add here!)

[Editor Log: January 2005|January] – [avalyn] comprehensively overviews [e2 HTML]. [Wiccanpiper] [calling the corners|calls the four corners] of their editorial ‘credo’. [Haze] is now responsible for the [Everything Faq], and immediately parcels out the work to other people.


[Editor Log: December 2004|December] – [Wiccanpiper], newly given Editor powers, goggles at the new tools at their fingertips. [rootbeer277] crosses a few tees and dots a few eyes in other users' writeups, and explains the usefulness (while noting useful procedures) of being able to dabble around. [Transitional Man] fights for content over empty calories, and believes E2 has great potential for constructive editing for writers. [smartalix] notes the peculiar habit of relying on links to provide context, so that an actual topic is [recursive reaction|talked around, not about].

[Editor Log: November 2004|November] – [allseeingeye] plays [children's games|pin the tail on the donkey]. [Timeshredder] [Don't force your not forcing one's philosophy on others philosophy on me|forces their new editorial philosophy on you]. [smartalix] does not force their editorial philosophy on you. [JohnnyGoodYear] uses poesy and sports analogy to force, etc etc. [Pint] knocks their own Ed Phil outta the ball park.

[Editor Log: October 2004|October] – [Lord_Brawl] finds an IE 6.0 Bug and watches it intently. [JohnnyGoodYear] howls from the top of the grisly nodegel heap.

[Editor Log: August 2004|August] – [Halspal] writes his first and last Ed log, wherein he takes credit for all the good stuff that's been done here.

[Editor Log: July 2004|July] – [Lometa] discusses the importance of updating old writeups.

[Editor Log: June 2004|June] – [Lometa] discusses the difference between [plagiarism] and [copyright].

[Editor Log: May 2004|May] – [Lometa] suggests ways to get around [Noder’s Block]. [arieh] reveals their handy guide to [link and link|softlinking].

[Editor Log: April 2004|April] – [TheDeadGuy] says ‘[you can’t please all of the people all of the time]… move beyond the drama, write.’

[Editor Log: March 2004|March] – [Servo5678] is concerned about abandoned writeups. [Lord Brawl] follows up his February log with 'A [wikipedia] user's perspective'.

[Editor Log: February 2004|February] – [Lord Brawl] considers the differences between E2 and [Wikipedia] (wiki is to the point, but e2 has personality). [arieh] responds to the above from a historical perspective: "Everything2 doesn't have a [mission statement], but individual noders have missions and these can contradict each other." [wertperch] makes [Hallmark] happy by instigating [Feedback Month] in an extensive writeup about talking to people about their writeups. [ac_hyper] discusses what it is like being a new Editor, - including a mission statement - and throws in some poetry to boot.

[Editor Log: January 2004|January] - [wertperch] sums up what he, and E2, have been [twiddling fingers|up to] for the past few months.


[Editor Log: December 2003|December] - [gn0sis] details why he's going to [Wikipedia]. [Lucy-S] details why she's staying here. [TheDeadGuy] rambles about the beach.

[Editor Log: October 2003|October] - [GrouchyOldMan] introduces the [Content Salvage Team].

[Editor Log: September 2003|September] - [GrouchyOldMan] reviews [E2 Quest: Copyright Redemption|the copyright redemption quest]. [Gorgonzola] reacts to copyright changes by introducing the '[My Big Writeup List]' tool. [haze] researches copyright law about ownership of rights and public domain. [Lucy-S] also researches the same.

[Editor Log: August 2003|August] - [jurph] is applying [zero population growth] to their nuking strategy, as well as attempting to 'greet' new noders as they arrive.

[Editor Log: July 2003|July] - [haze] briefly discusses the difficulty of /msg'ing noders.

[Editor Log: May 2003|May] - [Wuukiee] encounters a [beware the Jabberwock|mass-noding project of dubious nature] and, snicker-snack, slaughters the beast, provoking much thought on how to maintain other such projects, especially gaming indexes. [haze] enjoys the benefits of good noder [interaction].

[Editor Log: April 2003|April] - [haze] writes from first-hand experience a definitive guide to [Metanode]s. [Apatrix] muses on a year and a half of Editing and realises that they've mellowed out, advising that one should not knock something until they've tried it.

[Editor Log: March 2003|March] - [Apatrix] reveals that over a third of the Editors do not write nodes any longer; encouragement and understanding is expressed. [fuzzy and blue] provides some practical ways around being seduced by '[Getting to Know You|GTNY]' and '[Writeup does not mean Reply|Writeups in reply]'. [haze] gives some tips on [research]ing writeups, including ways of [citation]. [TheDeadGuy] attempts to quell mob rule with ways to node [current events].

[Editor Log: February 2003|February] - [gn0sis] tries out some [long vowels in Japanese]. [Ouroboros] briefly discusses noding lists. [TheDeadGuy] reveals who [Guest User] could be, and intones '[We are not alone]'.

[Editor Log: January 2003|January] - [Gorgonzola] gets his hands dirty sorting out [Webster 1913]'s Native American quirks.



[Editor Log: December 2002|December] - [fuzzy and blue] rhapsodises noding poetry. [Starke] plays the death card on auto-noded MTG card decks, and explains why. [Lord Brawl] stares into the abyss and the abyss blinks ([H. P. Lovecraft] tales removed from the nodegel). [TheDeadGuy] sings a few non-rhyming songs about Downvote Shame, The Fear of Looking Silly When Chinging and Michael Douglas is Cute.

[Editor Log: November 2002|November] - [TheDeadGuy] gives the rundown on how to write a kick-ass [Daylog]. [Lucy-S] jumps on the copyright compliance bandwagon ten months early (at this point our policy was to not get rid of write-ups violating copyright unless requested). [Rancid Pickle] converts 'HOWTO' titles.

[Editor Log: October 2002|October] - [TheDeadGuy] made up a troll to test out reactions from users and admin. [fuzzy and blue] discovers their editing style, and includes some examples of noder/editer interaction. [liveforever] defines their ed logging style. [Lucy-S] identifies, hunts and destroys cut-and-paste writeups (plagiaricus verbatum). [Wuukiee] establishes their role as Editor. The ability to 'nuke with penalty' (-5 XP) seems to have stopped this month.

[Editor Log: September 2002|September] - [TheDeadGuy] is poisoned by some negative writeups; he also produces a scale of difficult writeups from factual to humor; and briefly explores some existential 'why am i here?' tunnels. [Blue_Bellied_Lizard] is pelted with dead babies for nuking jokes about them.

[Editor Log: August 2002|August] - [TheDeadGuy] tackles Downvoting. [liveforever] gives some tips on politeness. [Quizro] gives a thorough and fascinating description of what happened with user rebuttals of [Beyond Belief: A Buddhist Critique of Christianity].

[Editor Log: July 2002|July] - [fuzzy and blue] discovers, in an interaction with a noder, that one's tone of voice can be misinterpreted. [TheDeadGuy]'s new mantra is 'think like a newbie'. [iceowl] briefly considers what the worth of a writeup is.

[Editor Log: June 2002|June] - [Lord Brawl] enters the House of Usher, and does not return until December. [liveforever] briefly considers personal prejudice. [TheDeadGuy] wonders if he is prone to [favoritism].

[Editor Log: May 2002|May] - [liveforever] lays out some more of their editing philosophy. [TheDeadGuy] describes consolidating the [Everything People Registry].

[Editor Log: April 2002|April] - [Gorgonzola] nuked the U.S. Constitution and describes how he did it. [TheDeadGuy] views E2 as an interactive magazine, and uses this metaphor to spell out his editorial philosophy. [iceowl] also reveals his editing philosphy, along with advice ending in 'You're writers, goddamit. Never Stop. For Any Reason. Ever.'.

[Editor Log: March 2002|March] - [fuzzy and blue] briefly describes why they nuke low or neg rep writeups. [Roninspoon] explains the nuking of individual '[The Devil's Dictionary]' entries (they were already noded by letter). [Quizro] tackles 'How to Offend any..." nodes. [Demeter] is weeding out a lot of [e2 faq: what Not to do|nodes about noding]. [anthropod] notices a pattern in what they nuke, and describes an Adventure With Messaging A Noder Before They Nuked.

[Editor Log: February 2002|February] - [fuzzy and blue] is surprised to become a Content Editor.

[Editor Log: January 2002|January] - [Lord Brawl] describes removing two user's entire contributions, and what this entails. [wertperch] gives a very extensive overview of various editorial standards and philosophies, and spells out his own.


[Editor Log: September 2001|September] - [dannye] suggests ways to node 'How Many xxx Does It Take To Change A LightBulb'.

[Editor Log: July 2001|July] - [Lord Brawl] describes the impact of changes to the [C!hing] (the number available to users has reduced, but now writeups can have more than one); he describes removing a set of M:tG cards (see also [Editor Log: December 2002]); and he discusses the 'votes cast' feature'.

[Editor Log: April 2001|April] - [anotherone] nodes a day in their life as an Editor.

[Editor Log: January 2001|January] - [Lord Brawl] describes the removal of and conversations around copyrighted work.



Editor Logs: 2000... Logs from before 2001 are mostly 'paper trail' logs. These were begun by [knifegirl] -- as noted above in her [Everything Editor Logs|Everything Editor Log] (well, it was noted, but now has magically disappeared!) -- and other members of the administration began joining in. You will find plaintive messages from sensei and wharfinger among these (see [Editor Log: October 8, 2000] for an excellent example, including sensei's overview of Ed logs at that time). A lot of the tone of editor logs stems from their small voices from the [nodegel].

If there is a particular Editor Log you would like to be linked from this writeup, please contact me by [/msg] and I will add it in here.

As also (once upon a time) noted above by knifegirl, EdLogs were originally done daily, as Daylogs are. However, it became increasingly apparent that a monthly log would be more suitable. Many of these daily and monthly 'paper trail' logs from before 2003 are being removed, but some will be left as a record of how things were back then.


as of Nov 2011, after over 7 years of updating, [gnarl[user]] has retired from this public service. Edits and additions may or may not be made by site admin. blah? blah blah! Bleaugh.