i just finished noding another Oz book. sapped too much time today, but i figured out some easier ways of cutting and pasting the navigation. it seems to make reading the chapters easier, so i'll have to go back and put in all the previous books. most of them have been very fun, but this latest is the creepiest by far, with an old bum with a love magnet in his pocket dragging dorothy down the road. There's also a scary section with two-faced cannibals that i realized today was the source of many a nightmare when a youngin'.

also today: bought 2 3 kilo weights. read a book about jordan. bought lots and lots of coffee beans from the algerian coffee Store. and a rococo 99 percent chocolate bar.

oxford street was christmas shopper hell, and after waiting for a number 25 bus for a half hour, gave up and took the tube. mistake. escalators out. had to take long long spiral staircase down in between backpackers and people carrying large stereo boxes.

but the flat is warm, and i've reached level six, so i write a sappy haiku to my beloved:

you lift heavy weights
but the sweat reminds me of
much better pursuits.