I am not sufficiently bored to attempt translating the entire palindrome shown above, but here are the first few sentences to give you a hint of the flavor -- which is, indeed, insipid, with a dash of off-color and a gallon of incomprehensibility.

Emma is already bringing the pot, Iiro. The suitable installer gingerly placed his balls. Drive past the vanquished, Aila. Start petting the squirrels like Donald. Pine cone. Grumpy. The cat, M, buy it! The gill struck Ivan. Omi, flatter stomachs! Nah, I won't. A Mosel, perhaps? Illi from Tokyo! Bart, the same sorting is OK. The virgin steals the terrain. In Iraq they're planning on Uma's help. An academy raid, joked the horse. Help. Fuck the bullet, guru! Cascelot: the door made the nose in time. No, Eino! The pony, the pony took Vellu. Your dad was cursing the hands, Riku sucked up. Uncle's battery disappeared, said your kid.
...and so on ad nauseam...

As noted above, generating an almost entirely meaningless palindrome like this requires next to no skill, especially since this is full of proper nouns. See Finnish for some more interesting single-word palindromes.