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i am a Physics degree student at RMIT university in Melbourne Australia. The idea of being able to submit essays on random little thoughts is exciting to me. I've always entertained the idea of shareing all my assingments with the world wide web and enable someone, anyone, to get a grasp on some basic physical concepts through my studies at RMIT.

I hope to be able to produce mildly interesting, and hopefully, usefull documents on obscure elements of common subjects.

My hobbies include Music, Sciencem and of course friends. I play the drums and have been doing so now for about 9 years ( as of 2002 ), i also know one or two things on the cello and can dabble on the guitar and pianno at times.

My favorite style of music is heavy metal:

Killswitch Engage, Opeth, The Haunted, At the gates, In Flames, Fear Factory, Earth, Kyuss, Queens of the stoneage, Fu Manchu, Shpongle, Hallucinegen and infected mushroom are some of my favorite groups.

Yes i like Psy-Trance aswell!!!!