"So I'd have to say that, although interaction with the faculty is at a minimum your first two years, in the end it was really worth going to UIUC."

"That's great. Hey, why don't I tell you a little about the company now."

*nod* (Hmmm. I'm feeling a little lightheaded. I probably should've eaten before I got here. Well, no matter. I'm sure it'll clear up after a little while.)

"Basically, we believe that every employee is flurble within the structure of the enterprise. We try to yarp murble's skills to their greatest potential..."

*nod* (Whoa. What's that odd tingling sensation? Something doesn't feel right. I probably shouldn't have had that cup of coffee on an empty stomach. But I've done that before and nothing like this has happened... Okay, conceal and continue, conceal and continue.)

"...on each job. While we try to grmprlr flurg mrglralr, you might be arglghm krzrlk travel grblurm krarkle mfaz..."

*nodnod* (Uh oh. Tingly feeling spreading. Limbs asleep. I have the bad feeling that this is going to get worse before it gets better. Maybe if I try shifting positions...) *lean forward* *nod* (...Nope. And now I look like I'm fidgeting.)

"...wah wahwah wah waaaah wawah waah wah waaah..."

(Oh shit. Losing peripheral vision. Seeing in black and white. I'm going to black out. I'm going to black out during the first promising job interview I've had in months. Okay. Don't panic. You have to let him know about this before your head smacks against the desk.)

"...bzzz bzz bzzzzbz bzzz bz bzzz--"

"--I'm sorry, I dunno wazz wrong *pant* but I seem to sunn'ly feel very dizzy *pant*...zz never happened to me b'fore..."
(Except after I've gone through the mile run in gym class...)

*concern* "Bzz bzz wah brzz glass of water? Brz bzzr doctor?"

"Yesyes, a glass of water would be *pant* very good. No, I donthink a doctor is nezzzzary. (This is really hilarious. I'm dying in a job interview. The economy really is murder.)

*leaves to get water*

*hands on knees* *pantpant* (Take it easy. Forget about the damned interview. Don't hyperventilate. Vision clearing. There. Getting better. Yay, I'm doomed.)

*returns with water* "Here you are. Are you sure you're okay?"

*gulpgulpgulp* *pant* "Yeah..." (Wow. It's like a fog lifting. It's clearing up, just like that.) "Yeah, I'm really okay now. Wow. That was really odd. That's never happened to me in my life, out of the blue like that. Heh. But I suppose you've had all sorts of strange things happen during interviews."

"Actually, that's the strangest thing I've ever had happen to me."


"But you're okay now."

"Yeah, actually, I am."

"Well... okay. Why don't you tell me a bit about this first project on your resume..."

"After careful consideration, we have decided to pursue other candidates who more closely meet our requirements."
Such as maintaining consciousness, no doubt.


After experiencing a very similar episode many years later, I have now come to realize that what I'd actually had was a panic attack.