The ultra secret mustache project

Mission: grow a phat mustache a la Tom Selleck.
Goal: Reaction, notoriety, fame, and infamy.

Now entering week five of the project. Current status of the mustache: full.

Peer comments

  • ”It makes you look 40.”
  • ”It looks like you don’t have an upper lip.”
  • ”You look like a molester” (Said by a guy who I suspect could be a molester.)
  • “I thought the chops were cooler.” (refering to the ultra secret sideburn project of last semester)
  • ”You look good without the mustache.”
  • “You look like a porn star.”
  • ”You’re too good looking to have a mustache.”

Conclusions and comments: Apparently women think I am good looking! (Or were those just clever ways of telling me tactfully to shave?) No matter! It is nice for the opposite sex to tell you that you're hot (just not with the mustashe). My best cheezy pick-up line, “If I shave the mustache would you go out with me?” Cheezy? Yes. Successful? We will see after Spring Break 2001. Gained a new nickname, “stach” out of the deal, will it stick when I do shave?