The day didn’t start off great, I was up until three writing an argument for one of my classes and then had to be back at school by 8:30 for a make-up class. Pointless. I started to walk the two miles to school (up hill both ways...serious!) but managed to catch the bus. Although I stayed awake for the class, it was worthless.

I wrote a poem sort of w/u today which basically is the story of my relationship with my ex-girlfriend. Why? I’ve read a lot of write-ups recently about ex’s and I guess they made me think of mine.Sadness.

Some of my friends called me and peer pressured me into going out. They had been at this place since lunch. I got there at 7:30. We played darts for a few hours and sat around talking. On the walk back to the car we stopped at a street hot dog vendor. We would have gone back for seconds, but we were broke and in was freezing. Everyone said that they had a good time. The night was fun.