My little brother called me at 12:30 this morning. I was in bed trying to go to sleep, haven’t been sleeping well lately. It was o.k. though because he is my brother and that entitles him to call when ever he wants, plus I’ve called him much later than midnight and he was cool with it, well until it got to be about 4...

It’s funny that I still call him my little brother because he is 18 and taller than me. I guess because I’m older I’m entitled. Over Spring-Break he is coming up to visit me at school. I’ll get to show him all that is cool in New York. Maybe we’ll go to the zoo.

I spent about 2 hours driving around with my friend looking for printer cartridges for our printers. It is amazing how hard a Staples is to find around here. It is equally amazing that I have spent nearly as much money on ink as I have on the actual printer. I’ve only had it for six months.

I put a lot of research into my other node w/u today and I’m pleased with the result.