The character played by Tom Cruise in the movie Magnolia. Mackey is the writer of “Seduce and Destroy” and lectures on his system of male empowerment and female seduction.

Frank grew up in Tarzana and around Hollywood. He attended Van Nuys High School or as he says “frequented”. After high school he claims to have attended UC Berkeley from 1984-89, but there is no record of his enrollment.

Frank Mackey was actually his Grandfather’s name (on his mother’s side). His given name is Jack Partridge. He is the only son of Earl and Lily Partridge.

His father Earl was a television producer (Big Earl Partridge Productions Inc.) and his mother was, as he says a librarian. Frank’s parents met in their senior year of high school. After his mother Lily was diagnosed with Cancer his father left the family. At age 14 Frank was forced to take care of his dying mother. His neighbor Ms. Barbara Sims was his care-taker after his mother’s death in 1980. Earl admitted on his deathbed that leaving them was the biggest regret of his life.

Mackey was at bedside when his father died of Cancer at age 65 in 1999. Although Frank tells himself that he isn’t going to cry, he does.

Source: Magnolia (1999) Written and Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.