I cannot argue about the case you have made, as I can find no evidence of it (note: I am no calling you a liar, or saying it didn't happen. I'm just not going to comment on something I have no knowledge on :). But calling the BBC racist? I'm not sure I agree with that.

If the incident above did happen (and I'm not calling you a liar! :), then surely they have learned from their mistakes? I cannot see where you are coming from when you call them racist (the papers would leap all over them if that were so). And one of the more politically slanted? Rubbish. American news organisations (which happen to be the world's largest) are far more politically slanted, using biased rhetoric to influence public opinion because the more interesting news service will get the higher ratings. I watch the BBC news every day, and I have always found their news to be fair and unbiased. Perhaps you can back up your statements with more evidence than an event which happened 10-15 years ago?