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"From [Ganymede] to [Titan], yessir I've been around. But there ain't no place in the whole of space like this good ol' mining town"

Further information to [Duane Dibbley]'s excellent w/u:
  • The radiation leak was caused by [Rimmer], due to him not sealing a reactor plate correctly.
  • The Cat is is humanoid, who take immense pride in his appearance, and spends most of every day grooming himself.
  • Lister is the Cat race's [god], and their [partisan] attitudes about him led them to a savage [bloody] war and a mass exodus from the ship. The Cats called Lister [Cloister The Stupid].
  • [Arnold Rimmer] was only [resurrected] to keep [Lister] sane, and was chosen as he was the one [Lister] spoke to most during his time on board before the accident. This is only because they were [roommate]s.