This is achieved by enhancing whatever it is you wish to say by speaking loudly and slowly.

For example, if in Spain and wishing to order a coke, a person not well versed in International English might say:
"Um, could I have a Coke please?"
And of course, the waiter would almost certainly have no idea what the foreign customer was desiring. Lets convert it to International English, so that the customer could communicate with the waiter in the correct manner:
"H E L L O, C O U L D, I, H A V E A, C O K E, P L E A S E?
The waiter will now of course understand what the customer said. It's a well known fact of tourists that if you say something loudly and slowly enough in English, anyone can understand it! After all, you can!

This public service braodcast was brought to you by ignorance and stupidity.