I don't know how much flak I will take for this node, but I'm interested in finding out what other people think.

Note: I cannot think of a better system than the status quo.

Democracy in the context of a state, to my understanding, is having the people of the state electing representatives of their opinions to sit in assemblies where they can put forward those opinions.

This seems like a very good idea to me, except that it all seems to boil down to political parties, and what they think. In the British Parliament, the party leadership tells the Members Of Parliament (MPs) how to vote over most issues, and I believe this is wrong. They should vote however their constituents wish them to vote. That's the whole point.
Update: themusic: In an ideal world (!) having people vote for everything that politically concerns them seems like a good idea, but I already have thought what you do on the subject and ruled it out for similar reasons :)