I can build a computer, fix a car or a ring mains wiring system, am technically competent at techie things. But although these are useful skills to have, the below are essential life skills for women, and things that, in the main, are not taught to girls:

  • Self-defence. If they're physically able, some form of martial art. If not, women's self-defence classes. Basic self-defence techniques for women can be learnt by almost anyone.
  • How to fight back, verbally and physically: standing up for themselves.
  • Independence of thought: how to rely on your own judgment, without feeling the constant need to refer to others for advice.
  • Independence of action: avoiding the 'ask a man' syndrome.
  • Assertion: how to state their needs, opinions and preferences without aggression or feeling like they need to apologise.
  • The art of debate: ties in with the above - how to hold your end up in an intellectual debate and respect your own opinion, without being dogmatic or over-emotional in the face of argument.
  • The art of abstract conversation: how to converse generally, without constantly turning the conversation to relationships or feelings.

Yup, there are probably heaps more..