Originally a series of books by Elisabeth Beresford, about environmentally friendly creatures with long noses and floppy ears who pick up litter on Wimbledon Common, and make it into useful things. The books were televised in the Seventies with puppets (every Seventies kid had a stuffed one)and dire, dire cheesy music by Mike Batt, who still has his Womble band. 'Remember You're a Womble' for some reason seems to be a classic favourite of wedding DJs.

The young Wombles were fat, lazy Orinoco, keep-fit fanatic Tomsk, bossy Bungo, and shy, clever but absent-minded Wellington. They were kept in check by sensible Tobermory, who made sure they filled their Tidy Bags, fed by Madame Cholet, and ruled by Great Uncle Bulgaria, who was supposed to be 325 years old.