Greenaway is exceptionally good at visual composition, spinning luminous images together from lighting and scenery and costume, often based on the works of painters such as Vermeer. He works with geniuses, like Sacha Vierny (extremely respected cinematographer), Jean-Paul Gaultier (who created the costumes for several of the films) and Nyman, and has cast some of the best actors in the industry. The quality of his work unsurprisingly shows through.

He was born in Wales in 1942 and originally trained as a painter, producing some fairly interesting art (a lot like R.B. Kitaj's later stuff: he's a big fan of Kitaj) before taking up film. He follows his own bizarre agenda, writing all his own movies, sometimes along disturbing lines: the films do not always have recognisably good plots, sometimes have needlessly sickening subject matter and can feel pretentious - but they always look beautiful.