Character from Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City series. Mona is living at 28 Barbary Lane at the beginning of the series: she's the house hippy, into herbal teas and lots of drugs. She's working as a copywriter for Halcyon Communications, and gets Mary Ann Singleton, her room-mate, her first job(she later gets fired for shouting "Crotch" a lot). She also has a lot of casual sex, which worries Anna Madrigal, the landlady, who seems to take a motherly interest in her. In the second book she meets a mad old lady called Mother Mucca on a bus while on angel dust. Mother Mucca is the madam of a brother in Winnemucca, and she takes Mona back there to work answering the phones (she has an interesting stint as a sadistic nun while working there!) Mona finds out that Mother Mucca has the same name as her, and eventually discovers that she's actually her grandmother and that Anna Madrigal (who she knows is a transexual) is her father..
After an affair with a model, D'orothea, Mona becomes firmly lesbian. She moves to Seattle for a while and then becomes a mail-order bride to Lord Roughton in England, where she takes up residence as Lady Roughton, and adopts a son, Wilfred. The final book sees her taking her (mother?) father to Lesbos on holiday.

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