Michael Leunig: very popular Australian cartoonist, born in Melbourne in 1945. His work has appeared in numerous newspapers, including the banned Sixties London magazine Oz. He currently does a regular piece in the Melbourne Age on Saturdays. The cartoons, illustrations and poems range from social commentary to totally bizarre whimsy: wonderful little drawings, often quite sad.

The Home for the Appalled

They took him on a stretcher
To The Home for the Appalled
Where he lay down in a corner
And bawled and bawled and bawled
"There's nothing wrong with me", he wailed
When asked about his bawling
"It's the world that needs attention,
It's so utterly appalling:
He sobbed and cried and called.
And the chorus rose to join him
At The Home for The Appalled.

From Everyday Devils And Angels, Penguin, 1992.
Some drawings can be seen at: