The orginal writeup needs a bit more information. As I sit here, my cat no longer wanting to be near me. My hand is a bloody mess.

Background information.... I just got home from a camping trip with my friends to find out that my cat is in, you guessed it, heat... I havn't been able to get her fixed yet but plan on doing it when she is not in heat (she seems to be constantly in heat!!!!)

Following the information above I figured I could buy myself at least one night of sleep with the darn cat. My boyfriend and I grab a Q-tip and go to town. One of us pinning her down and the other going to town with the Q-tip..

The sounds that a cat makes in this situation is anything but describable... which is how we think this writeup may fall short. There's a confusing blend of hissing, screaming, loving, and biting that results from any of the above suggested stimuli. She'll hate you. She'll love you. She'll run away from you, but then timidly crawl back...with her ass rubbing against the carpet. This is the strangest, most confusing experience of our lives. Am I hurting her? Does she love it? Does she love me? Will I be able to sleep tonight? Am I helping at all, or did I just cross over into some weird world of animal porn that I never even knew existed? Most importantly...Will our relationship ever be the same?

If you are not ready to face questions such as these (as well as questions about yourself that your mind can't even begin to formulate), I would do some serious soul-searching before trying any of the techniques described here.