The disadvantage to living inside a house is that you have to go to a window to see the moon. Bricks and mortar aren't transparent - they might be in a house of the future, but we're not in the future yet, and most houses of the future built these days have things like panels with flashing lights on that speak to you built into the wall, fridges with internets, and underwear that monitors your teenage daughter, not transparent walls and ceilings. A compromise has to be made. Namely, not seeing the sky for the sake of structural integrity and shelter if you want a half-decent house to live in. Nevertheless, if the moon's really high in the sky, you're going to have to crane your neck to see it; if the moon is dead overhead you might have to open the window all the way, and stick your head out to get a good look. And that's OK, really. Hell, if you wanted to, you could just turn the TV onto the moon channel, or get one of those live MoonCams for your desktop.

But just sometimes don't you want to burn it down? Burn it all down? Do you ever dream of having nothing?

Burn down your house. See the moon.