Hampden, in the center of Baltimore, Md. Featured in John Water's film "Pecker". A mainly working class nieghborhood, it's got a funky charm to it. The main drag is 36th street, aka "the Avenue", which has consignment stores and small resturants along it. The Ma and Pa railroad once ran along the edge of the burg.
And, the worlds first electrified streetcar line ran through the town in 1883.
There are two groups of inhabitants of this area. The natives, which can be easily made out due to not having all of thier teeth, and speaking Balmorese.Then there are the younger imports, who are college graduates, musicians, and other slacker dope fiends that happen to live here, cuz it's cheap.
In Hampden there is both a Republican party meeting hall , and the HQ for the Baltimore Nazi party.