Once upon a time a couple of friends and I decided we absolutely had to concoct a pan galactic gargle blaster. Our criteria were thus:
-It has to be layered, with very funky coloration.
-It has to fizz or bubble somehow.
-It has to knock one on one's ass after two of them.
Here's what we settled on:

You will need: two shots gin, two shots vodka, cherry seven-up, blue curacao, pop rocks, and a wedge of lime.

Pour the vodka and gin into a medium glass. Add enough cherry seven-up to turn the whole thing bright pink. Add the curacao slowly, so it layers. If done properly, you should get a blue layer starting about halfway up the glass. Take roughly a teaspoon of pop rocks, dump it in, then quickly squeeze the juice from the lime into the glass, then drop the wedge in too. Drink while still fizzing. Have emergency numbers posted prominently.

Reactions to this recipe vary. I have gotten "Jesus Christ this tastes like shit" to "Good stuff, got any more?" Try it and let us know what you think.