Tired of living under the oppressive thumb of the United States government? Ever wish you could be a resident of such far-off, exotic lands as Gadjookistan or Mahi-Mahi? Well, here's your chance. These handy, step-by-step instructions will let you make your very own passport, good in any airport or border crossing!

  • First, get a cereal box. Make sure it's a cool one, we don't want our passport looking shabby, do we?
  • Next, cut a rectangular piece of cardboard off the front of the box. You might want an adult to help you with this part, those scissors are sharp!
  • Now fold the rectangle in half so it looks like a book. Make sure that the cereal's mascot is on the front. Customs officials will think it's neato!
  • Tear a couple of sheets of looseleaf paper from a notebook. Don't worry about the little fuzzies, they make it look fancy.
  • Have an adult staple the looseleaf into the passport.
  • Using a crayon or magic marker, write in the name of your new country of origin and draw a picture of yourself. Make sure to use lots of pretty colors!

And there you are, your very own passport! Now run out and give it a try! Make sure to be carrying your lawyer's business card, so the mean foreign governments will know who to call!