The newest handheld from Handspring, those wonderful people who brought you the Visor, the Treo combines the nicest portions of cell phone and PDA. The "cell phone" functionality is dual-band with typical frills (3-way calling, call history, etc). The PDA functionality is like any other handheld, with a nice roomy 16mb of memory. Treo's are available with either a Graffiti writing surface or a Blackberry-style keyboard. The address book ties in with the cell phone for auto dialing of numbers, and the device also uses the phone as its modem, providing web, email, etc. The phone is slotted for release in first quarter 2002, with the Treo Prism (color) slotted for 2nd quarter same year. Until then, I'll be saving my pennies and stealing change from senior citizens to afford the $399 price tag.