"Little boys are encouraged to be forceful and demanding, young men are encouraged to become big studs ..." : Odd, that. As a child, I was encouraged to be polite and respectful. As a young man, I was encouraged to be intelligent and friendly.

"This socialization of men into a rape culture is not intended to place blame on men who have never commited rape, it is to be blamed on society for teaching that these types of actions are acceptable." : Ah, yes, prison sentences as encouragement! What a novel theory! Christ in a sidecar....

"...it is important to realize that the radical feminist claim that all men are potential rapists is more complicated than pointing at a man and saying "You would rape me." : And yet somehow, that's exactly how it gets used. The statement itself is an accusatory mudpie flung in the face of the male half of humanity.

Every time I hear this statement it makes me want to give in to those evil male instincts of mine and break something. Who the fuck is this person to tell me that I MIGHT be a rapist? That'd be like some asshole walking up to me on the street and telling me I'll shoot my mother tomorrow morning! Complete and utter bullshit!

Tell you what. Here's an idea. The next time a feminist looks me in the eye and tells me "You're a man, and thus a potential rapist" I'll give her the same uppercut I'd give a guy telling me I'm going to shoot my mother tomorrow morning. I think that's only fair to the guy.

Feminism is a great thing. Radical feminism has accomplished little good in the minds of anyone besides radical feminists.