OK, so I don't Daylog, but I'm daylogging. Not that I have any angsty stuff I want to relate (well, not at the moment, anyway). I decided to make some announcements here that have something to do with this place or one or more of my nodes. Also, I intend to keep some kind of travel log when I spend this summer holiday in Indonesia. But that is something for the future.

Last week

I went skiing last week, together with my cousin - who happens to be a regular here, too - and his SO. We drove out to Les Coches Saturday, January 26, 2002, in their Ford Mondeo (the choice - which wasn't a choice at all - was between that and my Toyota Corolla). Les Coches is one of the small villages in the skiing area of La Plagne, in the French Alps. All in all an excellent week off, up for a rerun next winter, possibly with more cousins, brothers and/or sisters... We'll see.

The weather was great, except for Sunday, when it started out snowing in the morning (very welcome as the snow conditions were less than ideal), which sadly turned to rain in the afternoon. Skiing in the rain is definitely not one of my favourite pastimes. At the end of the day I was able to wring the water out of my underwear, so soaked was I. Luckily the rest of the week was sunshine all the way, although the skiing was quite exhausting because of the icy conditions.

The evenings were filled with an un-endless series of games of "Settlers of Catan", of which I won one and my cousin too many.

Reading and soon some writing

When not playing Settlers last week I read a book I happened to chance on the Thursday before we left, "Fearless on Everest", by Julie Summers. I expect to write a number of nodes inspired by that book, and also to rewrite my node on Andrew Irvine (who is the subject of the book, btw). I already spotted a number of glaring errors in that writeup, even though I was extremely thorough in the research I did for that node. The trouble is that my research was restricted to the internet, which is an even worse source for facts than I had previously thought.

. ..... . .