He was a writer of verse and wrote texts based on ancient Chinese and Japanese stories (the oldest known novel is Genji written in Japan about 1000 AD by a woman). Klabund works seem relatively unknown, though new scholarly studies are currently being published. It is interesting that these stories are often published to look, in form, as they might have in the countries of their origin. I have a book published in black linen, bound in three places with straw, with a golden dragon and vertical lettering on its cover for "Das Kirschblutenfest" (The Cherry Blossum Festival story) and "Die Geisha O-Sen" (a lyric about a geisha) published in 1929 by Phaidon-Verlag in Vienna, Austria, part of a collection of works published together shown in parts on the Internet, the others in white, etc.

I've looked in the public library for his biography but I can't find sources that "agree" anywhere. I look everyone has a different part of the elephant in hand, so to speak, not one I read had the word "blasphemy" in it.