I accidently came across some Buprenorphine(Temgesic) advertised as an anti-depressant. I noticed that it took very little to be effective, about .02mg. I also noticed that I also stopped having a craving for alcohol or pot. I now know that
Buprenorphine is an opiate, but its main effect seems to be as an anti-depressant.
It is rarely prescribed for this purpose, but studies have been done showing the efficacy of this use. In over a year I have not had to increase the dosage of .02-.04 mg, but it is very habit forming if not addictive. My problem is that I have to get it online from India or Pakistan or the Phillipines. The order has always come, but I wonder about the time when I will not be able to obtain it. To me this is a wonder drug as it makes you feel very normal and gives you energy and incentive along with stopping other cravings. Insufflation is the best way to take this as the dosage is so small and is cut with saccharin, so that there is no pain or damage to the nasal cavity. Opiate addicts can ween themselves by taking this drug and it is very effective, but the average addict must take between 2-32mg to be effective. Maybe someday they will see that this drug can be used in place of many dugs that are much more damaging.